Transportation Management System

A Logistics software solution for consistent, transparent logistics processes and efficient logistics management.

Integrated Solutions – Transportation Scheduling, Planning and Delivery.

A web based software solution End to End Visibility and Control on Orders Management through online.


  • Order Scheduling
  • Delivery
  • Fleet Management
  • Reporting
  • Order Planning
  • Truck Tracking
  • POD Settlement

TMS Reports:

  • Orders Activity Report
  • Schedule Report
  • IFOT
  • Truck Idle Time Report
  • Truck Unload Time Report
  • Truck Optimization Report
  • Daily Fulfilment Report
  • Truck Utilization Report
  • Fuel Report
  • Carbon Reduction Analysts Report
  • Supply vs Demand Report

TMS Reports (HR):

  • Driver Commission Report
  • Driver Commission Summary
  • Driver Attendance Report
  • Driver Leaves
  • Driver Leaves Report

TMS Accounts & Finance:

  • Billing
  • P&L Report

TMS App Screens

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