Guard Tour System

Complete Mobile & Web Based Solution

What is GTS?

GTS is a system to monitor the rounds of security guards patrolling the premise/property under his duty. Previously the system using mechanical watch clock-based, then evolved to more modern system such as RFID sensors. Our GTS are using smartphone and web-based system, which can be customized as per customer requirements. Completely with Hassle free.

How it Works?

1. Each guards need to download and install the GTS software to their smartphone
2. There are 4 main interface on the apps, ATTENDANCE, TOUR, SCHEDULED TOUR and SOS
3. ATTENDANCE - Guards need to clock their attendance and duty shift
4. TOUR – normal rounding, as per agreed timing with the superior
5. SCHEDULED TOUR – superior had preset the timing on the system, guard need to do rounding based on the scheduled time.
6. SOS – guard can trigger the SOS interface to highlight if there are some issue/emergency that needs immediate attention from the Command Cenre.
7. Admin & supervisor can monitor guards tour activity through web portal or mobile device using web browser.


  • 1. Real Time Monitoring
  • 2. Increase Productivity
  • 3. Reports on Demand
  • 4. High Visibility
  • 5. Paperless
  • 6. Historical Data

GTS App Screens

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