Fuel Management System

Fuel Management System is used for Fuel Station Operations, mainly for operation team. This system is designed to maximize the operational team productivity by providing solutions to automate the fuel operation and management process, which would otherwise have to be performed manually. By maximizing the fuel operation, teams work efficiently and productively. The system will meet the operation team needs while remaining easy to understand and use.

More specifically, this system is designed to allow user to manage and communicate with command center on fuel fill request for vehicles. The software facilitates communication between users, command center, and the managers via E-Mail and chat. Preformatted reply forms are used in every stage of the process progress through the system to provide a uniform work flow process on receiving fuel fill request; FMS will communicate with OMS and TMS via the application’s services. The system also has a relational database containing list of fuel requests, request source, and request status.

FMS App Screens

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