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TechWorld offers the best-in-the-class technology services to small and medium businesses across the world. Our established objective is to offer Software Development services that achieve total business transformation.

Our objective takes us to offer appealing web design and development, and quality custom application development based on proprietary and open-source tools. We leverage on technologies that are reliable, scalable, contribute to enhancing the bottom-line, and serve the clients immediate needs.

The design and development of desktop-based applications has graduated to those that are predominantly based on cloud, mobile and smart interface. TechWorld is in the forefront of taking the client to the next level of technology convergence, with unlimited scope for rapid access, customizability and adaptability of software applications.

TechWorld' notable contribution is in enabling businesses to keep abreast with the fast changes - reorganization, expansion, growth, customer expectations, and unpredictable markets. We ensure that all change is answered with the right technology solutions and adoption of the right change management strategy.

Our project managers, business consultants and business analysts work as an extension to the client's organization to ensure that the custom and scalable software solution is designed and developed to match the client's overall business strategy.

Our change management process includes:

  • Identifying the change drivers
  • Identifying the risks and opportunities associated with the change
  • Developing an implementation plan
  • Implementing change
  • Reviewing the outcomes of the implementation plan
  • Introducing a full roll-out of the system
  • Reviewing and adapting

With TechWorld, it is not just software development, but it is more to do with idea generation, framing the plan, and achieve execution as per the needs and expectations of each client. We differentiate ourselves by providing

  • Complete support on change management, analysis and consultancy
  • Understand your business and develop a solution that has a positive impact
  • Develop a strong sense of understanding on either side (client and our team) of the project goals and expectations

Our team's extensive experience in .NET, PHP, JAVA and HTML5 technologies helps in the design and development of simple to complex software applications. For sure, the success of each software development project is based on people, process and technologies. Our software development methodology includes,

Software Development

At TechWorld we understand, in a scenario where high quality software development comes for a premium, success is assured for each client only by balancing the right use of technologies with custom pricing models.

We offer our clients a choice to make a difference to their business, with the result being to get gainful advantage from cost-effective and innovative technologies, and keep their businesses ahead of competition.

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